How We Do An EPC

How it's done

EPC's can not be carried out remotely, therefore a member of our team will have to attend the property. Our assessors will need to access all rooms within the property, as well as any loft or attic spaces (if this is possible).

Assessments should take no more than thirty to forty-five minutes and they are designed to be non-intrusive. If there are measures that our assessors can not view during their assessment, such as wall insulation, suspended floor insulation, or loft insulation, then we will require evidence for them to be included in the assessment.

During the assessment, our assessors will take photographs of the property as well as measurements for each room (this does not equate to a marketing floor plan.) If you have any questions during the assessment, our assessors will be able to help you.

If you require an EPC assessment, then please contact a member of our team today.